Thursday, April 14, 2011

Catherine Zeta-Jones and the Human Condition

Catherine Zeta-Jones is my new hero. And not for any movie role she’s played. Certainly not for looking glamorous on the red carpet, though she does.
Catherine Zeta-Jones is my new hero for putting a face on bipolar disorder. And for being brave enough to admit that though she lives in Hollywood, her life isn’t perfect.
A new friend recently shared some news about a struggle her family is going through. I really admire her refusal to be held hostage by the situation.  Instead, she took control, in effect saying “Yes, this is happening. And no, it doesn’t define us.”
RenĂ© Magritte, La Condition Humaine,  1933
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Wouldn’t it make it easier for all of us to cope with our own problems if we didn’t try to keep our difficulties private, but acknowledge that these challenges are part of the human condition?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


One of the useful holdovers from my counseling days is reframing—looking at a situation that might seem negative at first, and finding a positive way to perceive it.

So the fact that I’m underemployed can be reframed as . . . .me being fortunate to have a very flexible schedule.
We live in a small house which can sometimes be tough, especially since we’ve downsized, but . . . .we’ve reduced our carbon footprint—and utility bills.
Plus, buying this small house allows us to be in a walkable neighborhood near great restaurants, stores, and Petunia’s school.
Being on a budget is . . . .teaching Petunia about making responsible choices.
Petunia’s strong opinions about what she wears is not a plan to make her parents late and push us to our limits, but . . . .means that she:
a)      has her own sense of style
b)      is discerning
c)      is not afraid to use her voice
d)      is strong-willed
e)      all of the above
f)       other
I would love to hear some of the positive reframes that help you embrace your current circumstances. Also, please give me your opinion on how best to reframe Petunia's strong opinions on clothing!